Basic Drum Beat for Any Genre of Music

To create music, you need various musical instruments such as keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. Music or song consists of several parts that have their own function. One of the most important parts of music or song is beats. Beats could be considered as the basic part of a song. Without beat, a song couldn’t have its own form.

The musical instruments that are usually used to create beats are bass and drum. However, if you don’t have bass or drum, you could still create your own music by using beat maker software.

This software allows you to create basic drum beat and other parts of your song using your PC. Creating music using your PC is easier and more affordable. You don’t need to buy musical instruments, equipments, and other tools. All you need is beat maker software and samples that could be composed and edited so that you could get the beats that you need for your own song.

Create Any Genre of Music Using Basic Drum Beat

basic drum beats tutorial

There are various genres of music that you could find these days. Some popular genres of music are including dance, hip hop, trance, or even reggae. Each genre has its own characteristics. The drum beats that are used in reggae are different than the drum beats that are used in hip hop music.

Since the characteristics of each music genre are different, you need beat maker software that could help you to create basic drum beat for each genre easily. With this beat maker software, you could create various types and styles of drum beats that could be used in various genres of music. You don’t need large numbers of tools and equipments to create various genres of music.

Drum Beat Machine and Other Features

With this beat maker software, you could create various styles of music using only single tool. There are several features that you could find on this beat maker software that could help you so that you could create your own music in easier way. One of the most essential features that could be found in this beat maker software is drum beat machine that allows you to create various styles of drum beats.

Besides feature that allows you to create drum beats, this beat maker software also came with a feature called 16-track sequencer. This feature allows you to change the patterns of the samples, adjust the volume, or even adjust the tones in each track that you’ve created.

There is also a feature called 4-octave keyboard that allows you to create pianos, synths, or even guitar sounds to the track that you’ve created.

High Quality Drum Beat for Your Music

Each type of drum beat maker software that is available these days came with additional samples. The problem is that most types of beat maker software only provide limited samples that could limit your creativity as well. That’s why you should choose this beat maker software since this beat maker software came with more samples.

Besides getting more samples for your basic drum beat, the samples that are provided by this beat maker software also came in the finest quality as well. If you’re interested, you could visit Dr.drum official site to get this beat maker software.