BTV Solo Music Beat Making Software Exlusive Review

What Can BTV Solo Exactly Do For Me?

Creating your own personal music doesn’t necessarily require you to spend thousands of dollars to have producers mix beats for you or owning a recording studio. In music solo software, I’m here to thoroughly review the beat making program BTV Solo. BTV Solo is a leading player in the recording industry that is developed in user-friendly interface for anyone in any skill level could work from the comfort of your own home!

This beat making program isn’t like DubTurbo or Dr Drum, etc, which are mostly promoted by affiliates who have no idea about the music production. In BTV Solo music program their are several features included; such as the chop samples, many add-on, works as a VST in FL Studio, Logic, and any other host. Now do others do that? Absolutely not!

btv solo beat softwareFavorite features as in now are the swing settings, the quantized roll, and just by these feature you can tell they went to work with the beat program to make quality sound kits sound spectacular! It’s a core addition to any setup beat making and operates effortlessly with midi keyboards and pad controllers on Computer. The quick FX and customized filters per funnel will also be amazing! The beat making program is really flexible; you may record your own audio, remix tracks, arrange loops, and work with several virtual instruments. There are several ways on exporting your beats, you may upload it on your website or make a CD! Make any beats sound incredible! For additional information about this program, you may always check out BTV Solo on their home page by simply clicking on this description!

What to exactly look in BTV Solo

Since the introduction of all beat making software, as time progressed more and more beat software programs have appeared on the market, making it difficult to decide which program to get. In this review, I’ve broken it down to the most important components of what this product offers and how it will benefit you to make your final decision in this thorough review software review.

Effects & Music

Creativity and being unique, is something what this software primarily focuses on offering. The other beat software and beat makers aren’t backed up by real producers or artists like the Rockwilder, Jermain Dupree, Drumma Boy in BTV Solo! This program offers more than 2,000 sounds with several options effects such as delay, vocal reduction and chorus.

This beat making software includes virtual instruments, from raging modeled vintage synthesized to high end crisp quality acoustic instrument samples. All the features in this software I’ve looked at, I find it that audio looping is really important feature to have. Audio looping allows you to create a musical loop, anywhere between one and four bars in length. Not only will it defeat all of the human mistakes when playing the same part repeatedly, but it could save you time and large amounts of cost saving for your band as well.

btv solo beat softwareThese artists and producers are real procedrs who have sold millions of records, you think they would endorse and use a bad product? Me either! Seriously! Wake up people and stop wasting your time and money on software, free downloads, cheap promises, and download the BTV Solo today!


Developing unique beats will not mean anything if you don’t have easy way sharing your music. In this beat making software, it will allow you to export your music in MP3, WAV, or even FLAC files! I’ve also found that this software could directly be imported towards the popular sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo ETC!


First and by far most the most important part about any music making software, which is included in BTV, is a user friendly interface that will make your own unique flawless recordings. Most of the programs I’ve looked at seem to have more of complex interface were its all laid out with a lot of unnecessary tools such in the DubTurbo or Dr Drum program . BTV has unlimited editing layers, editing tracks, therefore you will not be limited by space!

Some other features are like the drag-and-drop feature which you can grab a sound or effect and just drag it onto the editing timeline. With this software you may also connect a MIDI keyboard and create/apply your custom beat onto the MIDI which is awesome or you may just use the built in programmed keyboard.

Support & Help

Comes with 24/7 support, downloadable manuals, several YouTube videos tutorials, and user forums to help you get started to answer all your questions. If it still doesn’t answer your question you may always ask them in the forums, and a reputable member on the forum will help. With all the resources available in this software, I feel that this a perfect fit for anyone who is interested in this product.