Download Beat Maker now and Start Pumpin out some Beats

The Question is, what beat maker?? We recently discovered the best beat maker we have ever found. Its called DUBTurbo. Now we have seen a ton of other beat makers out there like Sonic Producer and others but none in our opinion quite match up to DUB.

Here’s the low down?

If you want a quality beat maker your gonna have to spend a little dough. But only a tiny bit, like on sale right now for $30 bucks (thats over 50% off right now btw). Technology has propelled beat maker downloads to amazing levels while still being able to bring professional quality to the product.

Enough about that?

Download Beat Maker Features:

DUBTurbo beat makerYou will be blown away by the features of downloadable beat makers.

Get around the program so you can mix and produce FAST! Killer production tools mean this program is easy to use, and you will be able to move to other software and high end gear further in your career smoothly. Plus you can get hooked up in the contests and submission section to keep you mixing fresh.

  • 16 Tracks to help you build killer beats.
  • Keyboard shortcuts so your producing is fast and smooth.
  • Draw In Bars & Build In 2 Clicks – Change Sounds and Patterns like a pro.
  • Drag & Copy Bars – Move Edit Switch Beats? Easy!
  • 1000’s of Sounds & Drums – simple to find and will take your beats to the next level!
  • Pro Recording Options – Live To The Metronome or Draw or Tap In Your Beats.
  • Edit Volumes, Go Solo, Mute, Save, edit Tempo + Its all so easy.
  • Export Your 44.1 Studio Quality .wav Master – Industry Standard!

This is worth checking out. And hey man DUB Turbo has a money back guarantee. If you don’t like it they will refund your money. Now that is pretty awesome.

Beat Makers are not Just Toys Anymore

Technology and advancements in beat maker software is huge within the last 3 to 5 years. It used to be that personal beat maker software was more just for fun. Kind of a way to get your feet wet.

Now the technology is so advanced these beat maker systems can be used to produce nearly professional quality music.

All you would really need to do is have your music professionally mastered and it would be professional quality. That is how awesome these programs are.

DUBTurbo beat maker

See how sleek the drum machine, keyboard and sequencer view is? Its crisp and professional. You could spend $1000 on some ‘pro’ copy of a beat maker and it won’t be much easier to use and good looking as this.

Above is the Drum Machine View. The Drum Machine in the beat maker is where it is at. This is were you draw the line between the men and the boys.

This drum machine is laid out so even the newest beat maker can function, but is packed with enough features that seasoned pros are not hindered at all.

The keyboard is where all the melody making happens. Again the layout in this beat maker is what makes this keyboard so functional and simple.

Plus it is packed full of amazing instruments. Guitars, Pianos, Choirs, Strings, Brass, Effects, Unique Sounds – Its all there.

The 16 Track Sequencer is where it all comes together. Mix, blend, match and produce your music. If you have the raw talent or the passion to work hard this right here could lift you to a whole new level of producing and making music for a living.

Producing on the go – Or just showing off to your friends.

How about producing on the go with the iPhone or iPad. Check this out.

Either produce on the road or just bring it along to show of to all your friends. All your beats, songs, mixes can go with you.

Creativity doesn’t just come when you are sitting in front of your computer. It comes by inspiration by being out in the world. What better way to capture a beat idea, song that just popped into your head or inspirational melody then by whipping out your beat maker and laying down a quick track.