East Coast & Underground Rap Beats

The East coast genre of music was where the original hip hop was born. New York City and the Bronx was at the heart of this subculture in the early 1970’s and soon emerged as the epicenter for the hip hop and rap music and beat industry. Following east coast, other regional genres of music soon emerged, west coast, the east’s #1 rival, as well as dirty south and the midwest.

What distinguishes east coast from its counterparts is the intense focus on the complexity of the lyrics involved and the rhythmic interjection of words, rhymes, and verse to give it a unique flavor of hip hop.

Another distinct style of east coast is the continuous hard hitting drums and kicks throughout the music. Most people would agree that the drum or kick is the foundation of the beat, and establishing this rhythm is essential to get your beat to flow and groove. A great example of an artist that was beat making heavy was Public Enemy.

Other artists that focused more on wordplay and mixing and rhyming of the lyrics were Boogie Down, Daddy Kane, and DJ Kool Herc. The evolution of east coast changed from the 70’s and 80’s to the mid 1990’s when its cousin west coast rap would enter into the mainstream by none other than Dr. Dre himself.

This intense rivalry between east coast and west coast was famed largely in part of the tragedy slayings between Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG. The most famous label coming out of the east coast during this time was Bad Boy Records backed by Puff Daddy.

The Underground hip hop music

Underground hip hop music is a type of musical genre that goes deep into the beat making culture. This freedom of expression through music and rap beats come out through a variety of mediums. Art graffiti, break dancing, mixing, sampling, synthesizing, turntables, and beat boxing all combine to give you a glimpse of underground rap and hip hop. More often than not, the beats and music that come from underground and alternative artists go against the grain of mainstream rap beat music.

One reason underground rap beats and music are so popular is that most of these artists are non-commercial and are not in the spotlight with signed contracts. The let their music and beats do the talking as well as send a message. The path of fame and being backed by a major record label is not common for the individuals in the underground scene.

Underground Rap BeatsThe style of music as well as the lyrics also tend to be more objective with a clear message in talking about underground rap and hip hop. More often than not, there are undertones of social injustice, political ideals, and even unity among the global community.

Many underground rap beat artists feel that they are the true bearers of hip hop and rap and that the artists that sign major deals and go commercial have to slant and alter their style and music just to sell albums. Independent and underground artists don’t have this pressure and are free to experiment and express themselves regardless if they are liked or not. This is the true beauty of underground rap beats.

Underground was mainly started on the college campuses in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

These pioneers in rap music were the guys selling their music on the street and out of their cars to make a living. Some of the more popular underground artists include: Aesop Rock, Ugly Duckling, Akir, Planet Asia , Tech N9ne, Jurassic 5, Binary Star, Brother Ali, People Under the Stairs, and Zion I. We all love underground hip hop and rap beats, whether their music and lyrics are mainstream or not, alternative hip hop will always be a driving force of culture and music.