Great Techno Beat Maker Software

Have you ever gone to a club and been total in awe at the awesome tracks being spun by the DJ? Would you like to do this yourself? All that is needed is a great techno beat maker and the knowledge to use it. It doesn’t take a lot to make great techno music. you just need an understanding of the music, a little creativity and solid techno beat maker.

techno beat maker softwareTechno music can be defined in 2 different ways, the bootleg and the mash-up. Bootlegs use original songs and puts in different sound elements using enhancements and mixing through loops from other popular songs. For example, adding vocals from a popular track to a techno song all of your own.

Mash-ups are made by blending 2 or more tracks into one by overlaying them into a new song. It’s simple as you just need to find the right 2 tracks to get started.

Any of this can be done with a good techno beat maker.

What I mean by beat maker is a software program that is going to help and teach you to make beats. Once you have the software, you need to have an understanding of the basic elements to making great techno beats.

First, you need to have an idea of what instruments you want to use, whether you record them yourself or use downloaded mix tracks or if you want to create the sounds from scratch on you techno beat maker. Techno music starts with a percussion beat which will determine the tempo of your song.

After you have made this you need to add the bass and rhythm which will give your techno beat its original sound. Try using lots of different instruments and see what you like best. You can then get really creative and start layering samples and sounds over your beats to create you new song the best it can be with your techno beat maker.

techno beat maker appOnce you have layered everything, you should listen to the track you made. You should now edit it and decide if the tempo and beat feel right. There should be an intro, a chorus, a climax and conclusion to you song so that it feels complete.

You should be able to map these out with your techno beat maker software.

Take your time and go through this step by step and make sure everything sounds the way you want it to. If it does, then you are done and have just created your first techno song. Becoming a techno music producer is much more easy now with the advancement of computers and recording technology. If you are just beginning, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of choices on the market when it comes to buying a techno beat maker.

I’ve tried a lot of different programs and I recommend Sonic Producer for novices and professionals alike. It has all the functions that you need along with terrific support and tutorials to help you learn. It also has a a huge sound bank that you can pick from as you like. Whatever techno beat maker you decide to go with, just get started creating now. It’s a lot of fun!