How to Make Beats on Your Computer

So you have decided to make beats on computer and you have researched online and decided on the best software which you would like to use to create your beats. Now what do you do? Now that all the research is done and you have purchased the best program, you are ready to make beats on computer!

The first step is to follow the instructions on the software and install it on your computer. Once this is done, then you are ready to become creative and create some new and awesome beats of your own. If this is your first time, you most likely have a whole bunch of ideas and you might not know quite where to start. We are going to go through the process step by step and help you get started.

Keep in mind that all music software is different and you might find yourself having to adjust these steps slightly if they don’t quite fit your programs interface.

Regardless of this, you should not have any problems trying to make beats on computer fast and easily.

make beats on computer fastYou are now at your computer with the music software open in front of you. Take a look and figure out how many tracks there are for recording. Did you find out? It should be somewhere between 4 and 32. Select the first track so that you have a clean place to become creative. Now make a base line with the drum machine software.

When you look at making drum beats you should really take time to have a good play, especially if you have never done this before. Become familiar with the different sounds of the drums and percussion until you have a drum beat lasting about 5 seconds. Now all that needs to be done is loop the sound and you have the soul of your beat. This drum beat is the foundation for your sound and sets the mood for the entire musical creation. Make sure its the way you want it because everything else builds up from here on top of the loop.

Now with the drum beat complete, you can really get to work and make beats on computer. It’s time to build up the sound now and this can be done in many different ways. You can record vocals into your music program or you can use a synthesizer to make different riffs with various instruments. Make sure that the first track is turned off though so you don’t record over the drum beat you have just created. Put each sound on a different track for ease of use and editing later. This is also important so you can mix them together and set the volume for each one. Some musicians record the same sound or riff to create layering and real depth to the final mix.

You can add some creative flair by playing the same riff with a few different instruments and layer them over the top. This gives a great chorus sound. It’s really fun and easy to make beats on computer. Play around and see what kind of great beats you can create.

Hip Hop Beat maker

If are you interested in creating your own hip hop music from home, there is one thing you will definitely need and this is a good hip hop beat maker. With the outrageous growth of internet technology, it’s now both possible and affordable to purchase a top of the line hip hop beatmaker at anytime of day or night.

make beats onlineWith this advancement in technology though, there comes and overwhelming number of different software programs to choose from. This means that there is also a large range in cost and quality of these programs. What then, do you need to look for when buying a hip hop beat maker? If you are a little hard up on cash, then there are some terrific options that won’t set you back too much. However, you really need to be wary and stay clear of any hip hop beat maker that is advertised as free.

Free software does let you start creating new beats but you also run the risk not being able to edit or export you new creation. This makes your new beats fairly useless because they cannot be used elsewhere then.

What is the best option cost wise then for a hip hop beat maker? I would suggest you take a look at Sonic Producer. It is a high quality and affordable beat maker that will complement any home based composer who wants to make top notch beats. This program has all the features you need. This includes full editing features an easy to use user interface which allows you to cut, drag, and drop sounds and beats from one track to another. It also comes with an astonishingly large sound bank that includes a large variety of beats that you can use as you see fit.

More importantly, this hip hop beat maker comes with the all important export feature, which means you can record your beats as MP3’s and then play them where ever you would like to hear them. If you still aren’t sure about which software product to go along with, then you should do a little bit more research and read reviews of different software options and I’d be willing be gamble that you will still go with Sonic Producer. At only $29.95, this is hard to pass up especially with all the features that you get with it.

Once you have your hip hop beat maker software, you will most surely be itching to use it to create some great beats and hear are some tips that you might find useful. Hip hop is a genre with great backing beats as well as rhythmic vocal rap and almost all hip hop music produced contains samples. My first tip then would be to choose the right samples. Whether you download them or play them live, make sure that the rhythm and beats go with whatever vocals you choose to use.

I advice going simple to begin with. Learn the new program and see what beats you are able to create. Do not be afraid to use pre-recorded samples and downloads as there is no shame in this. Over time, you will build up the skills and musical ear needed to create truly great hip hop beats!