How to Make Hip Hop Beats: Getting the Right Kind of Beat

Music has always played a large role in the lives of people for a long time now. They started off by striking two items together to create sounds or beats and over the years, these items have evolved into musical instruments that can create beats when played. For a lot of people, making beats sounds fun and entertaining, but there are some who find it quite difficult. How to make hip hop beats come in several steps and most of them are easy to begin with.

Steps to create Hip Hop Beats

Make Hip Hop BeatsFor those who would love to try their hand at making beats, there are some simple steps that can help them start in the right direction. The first step is to choose a style that is easy for them to begin with. People can choose from RnB, rap and pop, among others to pattern their beats from. The second step on how to make hip hop beats is to pick a recording artist.

Let us say that a person chose pop as the style to be followed in making beats, that person should look for a really good pop artist and imagine that he is doing these beats for that artist. Visualization will play a role here and can help in making the beats sound good. Listening to the songs of that artist will provide people with a good idea on the types of beats that the artist is using in his or her songs and when studied carefully, they will be able to make a version of it using their own methods.

The fourth step on how to make hip hop beats is song formatting. It is recommended that people study when the instruments come in or drop out in the song. In song formatting, this normally involves the intro, verse, chorus, and verse, or in some cases, bridge is also included. Laying down the pattern of the beat is the fifth step. A lot of people who are fond of making beats usually start with drums. Keep in mind that the drums are the most important factor in making beats, which means that if the drum beat is not that loud or heard, the beat will be useless.

How to make rap beats?

Those who are thinking of trying their hand in how to make rap beats should try to learn the basics on how to use the keyboards. It would help a lot if they start learning how to play the keyboards before attempting to make beats. This is important especially in placing a melody onto the beat, which is the sixth step on how to make hip hop beats. The seventh step is not to distort the beat. Distorting can make the track sound bad, which is not what people or other recording companies are looking for.

Once these steps are done, the end result will be a really cool mix of hip hop beats that can be uploaded onto the Internet to be heard by millions of people around the world. With the help of different beat-making software out today, people will find it easier to make their own beats anytime.