Multitrack Recording Software: The New Standard in Audio Recording Technology

With the current advances in today’s technology, it is now much cheaper to record high quality music at home with the use of beat making software, and it is also much more practical than recording in a music studio as well. Some years ago, the only way to record sound properly was at a studio. This can be now not the situation in the present modern-day world.

Multitrack Recording SoftwareIt is unfortunate, however, that people who record music at home through the use of multitrack recording software are making several amateur mistakes which leads to sub standard recording quality. The following shall be a few tips on the 5 most common mistakes associated with multitrack recording software and how to avoid them.

Take your room into consideration.

It is not only your equipment that you have to carefully consider because the room in which you will be recording in will have a significant effect on the way you record your sound. It is recommended that you record in a room that does with good natural acoustics. The common family room is definitely substantially much better for recording than a garage.

Do not mix too much

Many amateur recorder engineers have a tendency to go overboard with signal processing. This is most often seen with effects. It would be better to start with the basics and master those first before moving onto the more advanced effects. Overused effects tend to sound annoying.

Note the gain levels

Whenever you are recording something, you have to be sure that you are not recording too high or too low with your gain levels. This will be difficult to fix later on when you are controlling the quality of the sound input. Try to aim for gain levels around 45-60%.


Make sure that you do not scrimp on the costs of your equipment. Using cheap equipment will only make it much more difficult to attain the sound that you are looking for.

Tune your instruments

Majority of people underestimate how important it is to tune instruments. Investing in a good quality music tuner will be worth it if it will help you make sure that all your instruments sound right.

Use a metronome

Be sure that you are recording your instruments at a consistent tempo. This is very important, especially when recording multiple tracks. If you do not follow the beat correctly then it won’t sound perfect and it will make it more difficult to edit later on. Finding a metronome should not be too difficult. It is normally built into most multitrack recording software programs anyway.

Be sure to be patient

No matter how advanced your multitrack recording software is, whenever you are recording, the most important thing is to keep a good ear for detail to make sure everything sounds just right. Recording is an art form and it will take a lot of time and patience to get everything to sound just the way you want it to. Make sure to take your time but most importantly, you have to enjoy yourself while you are at it.