Rap Beat Maker Software For Beginners

So you want to learn how to make rap beats? Most young hip hop producers and aspiring musicians believe that if they have the perfect system, making beats will be easy. While in reality it is quite the opposite.

It reminds me of the old story “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.” A talented beat maker and artist can create awe-inspiring sounds with the simplest setup and most basic beat maker software . While the complete beginner will struggle with high-end software such as Pro Tools or Logic Studio.

rap beat maker software freeA complete digital audio workstation or DAW is different for every individual. Some may prefer this software and others that. It depends on what software works for you. Sounds, sounds, and more sounds. Sonic Producer has hundreds of sounds, kicks, snares, timpani, steel drums, bass guitars, rock guitars, piano, cymbals, horns, brass, special effects, chords, riffs, combos, and the list goes on and on.

Making hip hop beats is an art form. Most famous producers such as Timabaland, Dr Dre, & Neptunes, didn’t just become celebrities overnight. They worked at it to understand the flow and ebb of mixing music & sounds together. Give yourself some time as a young artist and who knows, you may be the next hip hop beat producer.

Make Your Own Beats

There are lots of ways to make your own beats. From high priced hardware and equipment to free beat making software online there are literally 100’s of options to chose from. So what do you do?

Choosing the right beat maker software will get you started on the right foot in your beat making career in producing music.

If you are a beginner and just learning the ropes, there is no reason to go all out and spend 100’s or even thousands of dollars of equipment for your beat making. Start with something decent but entry-level. (Unless you have money to blow). There are a handful of software that work great for the aspiring music producer looking to craft some new beats on his or her computer.

Because every software is different you will probably want to look around before you commit to a specific solution. Some will be well-suited for you while others may not be for making your own beats. Take look at their demos or any videos they have to offer to see if the beat maker will be one that you can work with.

It is easy when you are new to the hip hop scene you get caught up in making rap beats and you want to go out and buy every hip hop production equipment you can. Samplers, sequencers, drum machines, instrumentals, turntables, or even synthesizers can all work in harmony for a trackmaster. However, you will save yourself a lot of headaches as well as money if you start out slow.