Rappers Who Don’t Know How To Make Rap Beats Are Just Talking Funny

So you think you can come up with lyrics that you think sound great when rapped and come up with messages that people can get. It doesn’t matter how substantial the words to a rap are if you don’t know how to make rap beats. The whole rap might just sound like you talking over some music if you can’t find the right beat. It’s the beat of the whole rap that takes the whole song to a different level and makes it appeal to people. It doesn’t matter if you write lyrics like Tupac but make rap beats like Kevin Federline; nobody likes listening to a rap song that doesn’t have a good beat to it.

how to make rap beats onlineThe two essential elements of a rap beat are its depth and its originality. What I mean by depth is how it makes people feel whenever they hear your rap. A rap song has to have a message in it and a beat to get that message to stick. You have to learn how to make rap beats that stand out among others. It has to be original. The first few seconds of the beat will need to be unique so that anybody who listens to it will recognize it on the spot.

How To Make Rap Beats Using Loops

A rap beat usually consists of loops. These are a set of bars that repeat over and over. To make a good loop, you have to start with your hi hats. The hi hats set the basics for the rap beat and this will also let you determine the speed of your beat. It would be best to keep the hi hats simple since you can add more of it later if you feel like it.

The next thing you have to learn about how to make rap beats is to add kicks and snares. Kicks are what are normally considered as the baseline. These are the deeper elements of the base. The snares are the mid and high tones which are normally lighter than the kicks.

Once you have the speed and base line set up, you have your skeleton ready. Now, you have to add the instruments and the vocals. You have to come up with a combination of all these things to build the feel and originality of your rap beat.

How To Make Rap Beats Most Common Mistakes

The most common mistake of most rap amateurs is that they spend too much time working on their beats. These people add too many layers of instrumentals and work on their beat line too long. Those who know how to make rap beats will tell you that the best thing you can do is to keep it simple. It isn’t how much different sound you can pack in a beat, but how the rap beat makes a person feel when they listen to it. Try listening to some of the beats of your favorite rappers and you might notice that most of their beats are hardly complex at all. Rap is a way to express how one feels and is used as a way to spread a message.