The Best Beat Maker Program Information- Dont Be Ripped

Here at Beat maker we want to bring you the best beat maker information and resources available online. Having been out there making beats for years now, we have tried, tested and thoroughly checked out most of the beat making programs out there in the marketplace today.

A lot of guys out there who want to get started making their own beats think that they have to spend megabucks to get the best production equipment and the latest fancy hi-tech software. This isn’t the case at all, in fact a lot of people who do this often end up quitting in frustration because they have ended up with something far too complicated. Here at Beat maker what we wanted to do was to introduce you to what we found to be the best programs to easily and quickly get you started making your own top quality and creative beats as fast as possible.

We have tested and trialled a lot of the beat maker programs out there and here is what we discovered

The first thing we found was there was a lot of really crappy garbage beat maker software out there with really substandard production values to put it politely!

beat maker program for mac

We have made a list of the main issues we came across that you want to avoid when you are looking for either an online beat maker (where you login to a beat maker online, and make and save your beats on an online server) or a downloadable beat maker program where you make your beats and save them on your own computer.

  1. The most frustrating thing that we found with a lot of the online beat maker programs was lousy quality sound. If you are going to be putting heart and soul into creating some really awesome kick ass beats you want to be able to hear what they really sound like without distortion. Crappy Quality-A lot of make your own beats software ends up creating poor beats. With a lot of the programs out there the detail and crispness of the beat we created was completely is lost due to distorted sound quality.
  2. Another big issue was the lack of really creative options with a lot of the beat maker programs. It is ok when you are just starting out, but once you get some confidence at beat making, you really want a ton of different instrument and production options available to you, or you are just going to find your beat making creativity limited by the program which is absolutely not what it should be about. With a good beat maker your only limit should be your own imagination.
  3. Unnecessary over complexity was another major issue with a lot of the beat maker programs out there. Sure you need to figure out the basics of using any new program, but the basics should be pretty easy to follow and intuitive at least in our opinion. Let’s face it your primary objective is to make music, not spend hours on trying to figure out how the hell the software works. A little sidebar here, complicated does not always mean bad, Fruity Loops for example is a complicated program which is freakin awesome, but it does have a major learning curve which doesn’t really make it suitable for those beginning their beat making career. We wanted to focus here on beat makers that the average person could get to grips with in two or three hours max.
  4. Another quite serious issue we discovered with some beat makers was the speed they loaded and their slow response time. This is both distracting and frustrating because it takes your focus away from the creative process of making your beats.
  5. Make sure that anything you purchase has a solid money back guarantee, that way if it doesn’t live up to expectation in any way, or if it doesn’t fit your own personal beat making style then at least you have not wasted your hard earned cash.
  6. It is essential to have good quality tutorials with your beat maker program. No matter how good the beat maker is, you cannot make a decent beat if you can’t figure out how to use the features properly. Ideally you should have both clear written tutorials and good quality video lessons too. The best way to learn your way around a new beat maker is to watch over the shoulder of someone who really knows what they are doing as they show you exactly how to use the various features and options within the program.
  7. Last but by no means least it is essential to have good customer support with your beat maker program, so that if you do have any issues with the software or the system these can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Do you want us to make your life a lot easier for you? If you don’t want to have to go through this process at all, read the next post where we are going to introduce you to two of the best beat maker programs out there, both fully featured, easy to use, easy to learn, great sound and solid customer support too!