Top Two Awesome Beat Maker Programs

After a lot of research and trials we decided that if you want a simple to use beat maker yet one that was fully featured with a good quality sound there were basically two beat making programs to choose. Both of these programs had similar and both fitted the these essential criteria-

  • The program must be both simple to operate and easy to learn.
  • The program must offer a smooth intuitive interface and easy operation
  • The program must have a good quality detailed soundscape.
  • The program must offer generous instrument choices and creative options.
  • The program must offer excellent tutorials both in written and video format
  • The program must be backed up by a money back guarantee of satisfaction
  • The program must provide responsive quality and rapid customer support.

The two beat maker programs we found really delivered on these specific criteria were Sonic Producer and Dub Turbo. These two programs have a very good reputation in the beat making community.

The Sonic Producer Beat Maker

Sonic Producer Beat MakerSonic Producer is what is known as an online beat maker program as compared to a downloadable software program which you then have to install on your computer. With Sonic Producer you can simply log in to the online system from any computer anywhere and get started making beats straight away.

Sonic Producer is an excellent quality music sequencer packed with features and comes with a very intuitive interface which is very easy to master .

When Sonic Producer was first released onto the market, a lot of people were very surprised and impressed by both its high level of functionality and by the myriad of features it had. The affordable price was another pleasant surprise too. This slick beat maker program is incredibly capable and can produce a huge variety of beats and music loops.

Because Sonic Producer saves your beats in a compressed format, your music can easily be transferred to an mp3 to play or share with your friends

The sound quality from Sonic Producer is exceptional for a budget beat maker as is the huge range of options offered. There are over 2000 different sounds preloaded into the Sonic Producer sequencer, but if that is not enough you can upload your own samples too. With Sonic Producer you can make use many different keyboards and studios in your beat making.

Sonic Producer not only has top notch tutorials, it has excellent customer support and comes with a FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

CLICK HERE to check out Sonic Producer for yourself.

The Dub Turbo Beat Maker

Dub Turbo was the second of the kick ass beat maker programs we came across. It is The other killer make your own beats program we found was called Dub Turbo. Like Sonic Producer it is a fully featured music sequencer with a huge choice of beat maker options. The interface is very simple to use even if you have never used a music sequencer. There are two important differences between Dub Turbo and Sonic Producer that need to be mentioned.

Sonic Producer

Because Dub Turbo is a downloadable beat maker unlike Sonic Producer you can only make beats on your own computer which can definitely be a limitation for some people.

The big difference with Dub Turbo is the quality of the beats you can make. Dub Turbo can make the same studio quality beats that you hear at the clubs.. This is the one big area that Dub Turbo beats out Sonic Producer. DT uses 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format! (the same quality output that goes on CD?s].

I guess it all depends on your beat making motivation, If you want to make your own beats commercially, then Dub Turbo would be the better option for you.

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